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E-Commerce Digital Strategy

I’m an Online Marketing Strategist for eCommerce business owners who
want to increase traffic, sales and the profitability of their business.

I help free up time and space for my clients, so they can focus their energy
on the tasks they really love doing in their business.
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WITHOUT having to add more to your already full day?
More sales, less doing everything yourself!

You probably started your eCommerce store to spend more time with family and to be able to call the shots yourself.

But running a business isn't easy. Most business owners I talk to are overwhelmed - taking on multiple roles and there's always a long list of things to do.

Getting in front of the right people, driving traffic to your website and making sales doesn't just happen. It requires a personalised strategy and the technical know-how to implement that strategy.

That's where I come in! Funnels, opt-ins, autoresponders, Facebook advertising ... if those words usually have you running for the hills, then I might just be your girl!

I can help you build a strategy, put the right systems in place and run Facebook advertising campaigns so we can get you the best results from your marketing - and ultimately increase your sales and profit.

If this sounds like what you need, then click here to get in touch to book a free eCommerce Marketing Audit. I'll take a look at your business and offer you some insights into ways you could improve your marketing results and sales conversions.